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Congo is still the heart of darkness

The turmoil is mounting in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where there really should have been presidential elections these days. In few places is the crisis of global capitalism more present than here.


The plane eases off the runway and the sunrise opens with the full color spectrum at the start of the journey. Dubai has also been one of the dark places of the earth, I think where I sit in the seat and do a read by Joseph Conrad The Heart of Darkness. I'm on my way to the Democratic Republic of Congo. Even today, in the age of global crisis capitalism, this is still the darkest chapter on the plundering of Africa's natural resources.

The European colonial masters' race for Africa in the period 1870-1920 became a parenthesis in the consciousness of Western culture. In contrast to the Nazi Holocaust, which has been explored and portrayed in literature and film, the colonization of Africa is virtually absent in both popular culture and others. . .

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