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Cosmopolitanism for a New Age

In times when intellectuals and politicians stir up conflicts between civilizations, it is time to offer new guidelines for a global age: cosmopolitanism.


[ethics] If you insert the name Kwame Anthony Appiah somewhere in the sentence above, you have a fairly precise reproduction of the back text of the book Cosmopolitanism (2006). It is nothing less than a philosophical manifesto that sets up cosmopolitan ideals as a counterpoint to Samuel P. Huntington's famous thesis of "clash of civilization". Huntington's 1993 thesis is about the clash of civilizations – that Islam and the West are incompatible, and irreconcilable, quantities.

After the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Huntington's theses were reiterated, despite the fact that the author himself insisted that Mohammed Atta's weak qualities as a pilot were not an example of a civilization conflict, but an example that civilization was once again haunted by barbarism. According to him, the barbarians were not Muslims in general, but extremists. . .

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