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Requires transparency about CIA aircraft

- We must have transparency and information in the CIA case, and we must get to the bottom of what these planes have done in Norway, says SV's Bjørn Jacobsen, member of the Defense Committee.


Stiff breeze with storm has been recorded in the throws in SV's internal foreign policy debate in recent weeks. F16 flights to Afghanistan have set minds, while several have called for a clearer SV profile in the government's foreign policy. Particularly difficult is the debate in connection with Afghanistan and Iraq and whether Norwegian soldiers should be sent to these war zones. One of those who have been in the middle of the storm is Bjørn Jacobsen, a member of the defense committee at the Storting. Last term he sat on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

- In Ny Tid, we have in recent weeks revealed that Norwegian airspace and Norwegian airports are used by aircraft that the CIA rents, and aircraft that frequently land on the military airstrip at Guantanamo Bay. Should Norway accept that these aircraft use our territory?

- We must have transparency and information about these aircraft, and I want to clarify what these aircraft have. . .

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