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Requires full stop for CIA aircraft

Amnesty International and Norwegian politicians demand that the Norwegian authorities make it clear that Norway does not accept secret prisoner transport.

- My immediate reaction is that we will not open the Norwegian airspace for such prisoner transports, says parliamentary representative Trine Skei Grande.

The left deputy head thinks it is not surprising that the Norwegian authorities do not know that this type of transport takes place in Norwegian airspace, as the CIA uses private airlines. Regardless, she believes that a reaction to the Americans is required:

- If what Ny Tid comes up with is correct, the government must make a statement to the United States that is natural in such a case, says Skei Grande.

SV's Hallgeir Langeland states that he does not accept that Norwegian airspace and airports are used by captive aircraft operating under the guise of being ordinary civil aircraft.

- We must have full insight into what cargo or passengers all aircraft have that are to land in Norway or use Norwegian airspace, says Langeland.

He demands openness and respect for the regulations that exist internationally.

- Secrecy and violations of the Chicago Convention can not be accepted. The United States has for several years had prisoners at the Guantanamo base without a sentence. There is also reasonable suspicion that the United States is moving prisoners around the world. Norway cannot accept such schemes, and the USA must respect us and refrain from using Norwegian territory to violate international conventions and rules, says Langeland.

He says this is an issue that will obviously be addressed in the discussions in the new government. Langeland states that it will look at what Norway can do to the US and their breach of international conventions, laws and regulations.

- In SV, we are concerned about equality before the law, and that applies to everyone, including the United States.

Give the United States a clear message

The Progress Party's Morten Høglund, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the previous parliamentary term and re-elected for four new years, responds primarily to the fact that the Norwegian authorities are not aware of the transport.

- It is worrying if it is the case that the authorities do not know that there is a transport of prisoners in. . .

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