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NUCLEAR WEAPON BAN: In addition to joining the UN ban on nuclear weapons, KrF wants Norway to introduce a national moratorium on fully autonomous weapons.

(PS. This article is machine-translated from Norwegian)

Alexander Harang
Harang is the editor of "Fredsnasjonen", the magazine MODERN TIMES published in the summer of 2021.

KrF has anchored its party program in traditional Christian Democratic values. Here, charity and human dignity are especially central. KrF assumes that solidarity based on charity is boundless, and that the human dignity of the individual is inviolable. This also defines the party's approach to our peace policy indicators:

KrF will pursue a value-based foreign policy based on global common interests, such as peace and security, human rights, democracy, development and climate. The party wants Norway to take on a driving role for an international legal order. Norway will also contribute more to preventing conflicts, creating, preserving and restoring peace and facilitating lasting reconciliation.

KrF's attitude to non-violent conflict management is pervasive in this party program. Here, special emphasis is placed on dialogue, mediation and reconciliation. KrF's program is also the program that places the greatest emphasis on reconciliation. Not only does KrF want to strengthen Norwegian efforts for peace and reconciliation in general, but they have their very own view of religion in this. Religion can be used positively to resolve conflict, but KrF will also include religious people in the prevention work against violent extremism, both nationally and internationally.

Within development policy, KrF's program is the most peaceful policy of all. KrF considers peace work both as a relevant part of development assistance and as an overriding development policy objective. KrF describes war and conflict as global obstacles to development. The program also deals with access to weapons as an obstacle to development and therefore emphasizes that Norwegian development assistance should not contribute to the acquisition of weapons.

KrF's election program supports the UN's nuclear ban and advocates that Norway should be a key player internationally in order to strengthen support for the ban. The program therefore promotes a number of measures to strengthen control over Norwegian arms exports. KrF will, for example, publish all information on the basis for approval and refusal of arms exports and introduce requirements for end-user declarations for all countries. The program also advocates that Norway should work for international regulation of autonomous weapons, as other parties do, but here KrF goes even further: The program states that Norway must introduce a national moratorium on fully autonomous weapons.

Despite all the above-mentioned peace policy, KrF is also a defense party. The program makes it clear that KrF will strengthen the Armed Forces and strengthen the Norwegian military presence in the north. KrF will prioritize all three branches of defense's bases, facilities and management functions in northern Norway. The programme's emphasis on Russia and NATO's role in the north is nevertheless not as strong as the program of the other bourgeois parties. KrF prioritises the relationship with Russia in foreign policy, then with relaxation as its purpose. The party also wants NATO to emphasize the prevention of aggressive military and political pressure. In short, defense policy must be based on relaxation, deterrence, reassurance, conflict prevention and stability in Norway's neighboring areas.

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