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War and hope in the Philippines

INTERVIEW / New Time met the Philippine artist Kiri Dalena during the international short film festival in Oberhausen.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

The new profile program for the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen 2019 in Germany offered an enjoyable return to films with political messages, an essential part of the festival's identity in previous years. Particular attention was paid to Philippine visual artist, filmmaker and human rights activist Kiri Dalena. Ny Tid interviewed the renowned artist.

- Have you considered moving from your country?

- My personal finances are not so bad that I am forced to travel in search of income, as millions of other Filipinos have to. Nor am I in a situation where I have to live with serious threats and attacks on my life and reputation, as opposition politicians and prominent activists do. When I visit other countries and see well-functioning legal communities where all citizens have equal opportunities to create a good and meaningful life, I get sad because of the situation in my own country. But I am also inspired, since I see that it is possible to live. . .

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Dieter Wieczorek
Wieczorek is a critic living in Paris.

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