YOUTH IN WAR: Despite its many references to, among other things, the Lord of the Flies and the Apocalypse now! Latin American Monos is in many ways a unique film.

Huser is a regular film critic in MODERN TIMES.
Published: February 9, 2020
Director: Alejandro Landes
(Colombia, Argentina, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden)

In a deserted mountain landscape in Latin America, presumably in Colombia, we meet a group of youngsters who go by tire names like Rambo, Lady, Dog, Smurf and Bigfoot. They constitute the guerrilla troop Monos ("monkeys") and fight for an organization that is only referred to as the organization. Their primary task is to look after an American hostage they call Doctora, who we later know is an engineer named Sara Watson. In addition, they are given responsibility for the dairy cow Shakira - which will also have consequences for the development of the action.

Discipline and anarchy

The feature film depicts it…

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