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The hostages of war speak out

Now, one third of the prisoners on the Guantánamo base are released. At the same time, the stories of those who were first released are published.


[Terror War] The Pentagon plans to release 141 of the Guantánamo base prisoners. These are no longer considered "enemy warriors" and are the largest group to date released. The releases were announced April 23 by a military court official the Americans have created for these prisoners, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Last week, the US government released a list of 558 prisoners on Guantánamo after the Associated Press news agency went to court demanding access.

The new wave of releases comes at the same time as the stories of the first Guantanámo prisoners, on film, in books and in reports. These are not exactly stories about "the most dangerous, vicious killers the world has ever seen", as US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld called the prisoners. . . .

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