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Crimea is Russian

CHRONICLE: Norwegian politicians should go to Crimea, travel around the peninsula and talk to ordinary people. I am convinced that they will find that almost everyone in Crimea supports the reunification with Russia.

Western politicians have condemned what they refer to as an unlawful Russian occupation of Crimea, and introduced punitive measures against Russia. People who have visited Crimea, however, will be able to tell that the overwhelming majority of the people on the peninsula support reunification with Russia in 2014. The Russian takeover of Crimean control probably prevented a bloody armed conflict.

In the fall of 2015, I took a study trip to Crimea where I interviewed the historian and director of Taurida State Museum Andrej V. Malgin. In addition, I spoke to the leader of the Crimean Communist Party, a local journalist, a Tatar human rights defender and members of the Crimean Literary Academy, who had invited me. My interview subjects had different opinions on many issues, but what they all agreed on was that it was good that Crimea had again become Russian.

Feels Russian. . . .

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