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Cultures are killing

I do not know what culture Vebjørn Selbekk thinks he belongs to, but I would say it is foreign in Norway.


[sheep herd mentality] People who break out of their culture tend to become staunch defenders of Culture, regardless of the kind of culture – it is the very idea that we are all products of a specific culture that is defended. They break with their culture themselves, insist that they are individuals, and criticize others because they belong to the wrong culture or the culture in the wrong way.

Vebjørn Selbekk, for example, has transformed from a homophobic and Muslim hostile fanatic on the far right Christian wing to a rebellious cultural radical who stands on the barricades of freedom of speech, blessed by Press Chief Per Edgar Kokkvold of the Norwegian Press Association. It's a miracle. Two years ago, Selbekk stepped in to strengthen the blasphemy paragraph to protect the religious sentiments of Christians. Now he wants it removed because he fears Muslims are hiding behind it.

In the book Threatened by Islamists, Selbekk appears as a warm defender of "our" culture, as if Islam and Christianity are not closer relatives than secularism and religion. Last summer, editor Selbekk wrote in his newspaper Magazinet that one "does not need to be particularly smart or highly educated to understand that homosexuality is something unnatural", while before the summer this year he called Muslims' views. . .

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