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Cultural War in Saudi Arabia

Why does Saudi Arabia destroy the cultural heritage of Mecca and Medina in peace and quiet?


95 percent of the more than 20-year-old buildings in the Muslim city of Mecca, Mecca, have been leveled over the last 20 years, according to the independent Gulf Think Institute. Only XNUMX buildings remain from Prophet Muhammad's time, and even Muhammad's birthplace is about to become a bulldozer food. "We are witnessing the last days of Mecca and Medina," architect Sami Angawi told The Independent. So where are the Norwegian protests against the cultural heritage?

In 2000, global horror was awakened when the Taliban government in Afghanistan blasted the nearly 2000-year-old Buddha statues in Bamiyan into the air. Political and religious magnitudes in Egypt, Pakistan and Iran protested, and the world community, with the UN organization UNESCO in the lead, did its best to stop the destruction, but to no avail. Is it the disappointment that it was unable to stop the Taliban that has led to the Saudi Arabia regime now conducting cultural destruction that makes the Taliban's crimes look like route-breaking? Or is Saudi Arabia's position as an oil superpower and the US ally leading to the resounding silence?

Saudi Arabia's extensive destruction is being carried out in an unholy alliance between Muslim fundamentalists, the tourism industry,. . .

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