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The art of aging

About old age Translated by Bente Christensen
To achieve a good and dignified old age, we should continue to pursue goals that make life meaningful.

The aging woman is not clearly present in the culture as a desirable figure to identify with, says author, gender scientist and feminist Wencke Mühleisen in an interview on Gyldendal's website. Her latest book All current sense gives a room for the wonder she craves – and tries to create a platform for the kind of lust she thinks it is so little of. The interesting thing about the novel is how it creates a flow zone between nonfiction and fiction, life and art, where the reader has to locate the speaker himself and what is said.

But aging is not just about women: we are old, but there are few role models and hero figures up in the years in popular culture. Where should we look to learn something about the values ​​of growing old? Traditionally, the elderly have been looked up to because of their wisdom and because they can reap the benefits of a long life, but now most people turn to Wikipedia rather than seek the coming of wisdom. There are few visible public and cultural places for us as we age – it seems like-
It seems as if old age only causes us to become dilapidated editions of our young selves, a slow disappearance where we are lost both to others and to ourselves.

Inside and out. In its excellent (and overwhelmingly thick) About old age (La Vieillesse, 1970), Simone de Beauvoir illuminates the age from the perspective of both philosophy, anthropology, sociology and biology. I returned to Mühleisen's book several times while reading de Beauvoir's book, for it is precisely the old invisibility that the French existentialist tries to understand and trace the historical roots of in this elusive work.

De Beauvoir's cultural-historical review of old age still misses its equal – both the material and. . .

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