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Artificial fertilized art

Kva grew up desirous of Norway's largest industrial adventure, asks artists who exhibit in Grenland in May.

Welcome to Industrypark said Tone Breaking. She is Head of Information at the 1,3 square kilometer large, fenced and strictly guarded area of ​​nitric acid, fertilizer and submarine factories. Seven Nordic authors interested in environmental and climate issues find themselves in the maxi taxi with Brekke and are driven on safari in the asphalt jungle. Those who have arranged for entry into the area are behind the Greenlightdistrict festival which will be launched in May, where Grenland in the span between post and new industrialized eras is themed. Now they have invited us to a weekend in the region to write.

Brekke gives us helmets marked with "Visitors" on the front and a message that it is not allowed to take photographs during the safari. Why? Potential industrial espionage,. . .

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