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What do we do with the power we have been given?


So SV is for the first time in government. For everyone who has been with the SV for a while, it must be experienced as an important milestone. One of the main purposes of pursuing party political work must be to gain political power. Although some SVs may have dreamed of government power, hardly anyone would have thought that we could have it without having to share it with others. And no one can seriously believe that as a member of a coalition government, SV will be able to avoid avoiding compromise. And that part of the compromise can be hard to swallow. For example, getting a fairer tax system is extremely difficult. This kingdom will almost always get away in one way or another.

It is simply not these self-evident things that cause the SV in government so far to disappoint many of us loyal members and supporters. It is first and foremost a few plays that have astonished us and made us almost embarrassed. In almost everyone, the so-called Minister of Knowledge Øystein Djupedal is heavily involved.

Korfor an Socialist Left to drive up as a banner case that English should be the only compulsory foreign language in secondary school is difficult for many of us to understand. And it becomes more difficult to discern how long Djupedal is trying to explain this finding. Which has even been reflected in Soria Moria's statement. Especially for a socialist party with healthy skepticism about the American dominance that surrounds us on all fronts and in all areas, there must be a bit of a cross of thought that only the language of the military and cultural superpowers should be mandatory for Norwegian school students.

At least one can say about this fix the idea that it is actually part of Soria Moria's statement. So far, at least, Djupedal has a back cover for the quest to get rid of French, German, Spanish, Russian or other troublesome elements in the school day, the same incomprehensible it is. But in another important area, Djupedal and our governments are dealing contrary with what is stated in the declaration: The promises to strengthen adult education are all forgotten! Instead, Djupedal and the government have chosen to maintain Bondevik's proposal for new drastic cuts in support for voluntary adult education! During last year's budget discussion, the party groups in the KUF committee agreed to increase the grants to study associations by up to NOK 25 million from 2004 levels, while the proposal now involves a reduction of 54 million!

That this comes at the top of cuts over several years and can simply lead to the destruction of large parts of what is still felt that of such offers, is clearly not important enough for the government to at least spawn up enough money to keep support at this year's low level . This is actually incomprehensible! This alone can actually bring joy to having a government from the left to fall for me.

Leiv Ellingsen is a SV veteran and works in the Ministry of Modernization.

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