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Female contrasts at the Berlin 

The thought-provoking reality of Javisha Patel's short film Circle contrasts sharply with the life of cotton-picking Alabama, as depicted in Maris Curran's short film While I Yet Live. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Not so long ago, documentaries were the most short films, and most short films were documentaries. Berlin's international film festival, the Berlin, introduced the Golden Bear for best short film during its sixth edition of 1956, and the first thirteen winners were all documentaries.

Almost fifty years later, the situation has definitely changed. On the sixty-eighth edition of the hugely popular festival, which ran from 15. to 25. February this year, 22 short films competed for the Golden Bear – 13 of them fiction films. But even this ratio was surpassed in the feature film category, where only one of the 19 challengers could be classified as a documentary.

Of the 21 directors who participated in Gullbjørnen's feature film competition,. . .

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