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The women who travel to the Islamic State

The other
Forfatter: Kristin Solberg
Forlag: Aschehoug (Norge)
THE ICE BRIDES / Both victims of and renegade supporters of the terrorist organization IS claim that this "state" will rise again,
and journalists and experts support the claim. But how many victims' stories are needed before IS loses its appeal to individuals?
What about Aisha Shezadi Kausar?

On America's national day, July 4, 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi – former emir of Al Qaeda, now leader of the breakaway group IS (Islamic State) – slowly climbs the stairs to speech in the mosque in Mosul. Areas in Iraq and Syria are in the clutches of the terrorist organization, whose members torture, rape, ill-treat and kill anyone they believe is against them. Al-Baghdadi praises them for their efforts in establishing the caliphate.

IS is active in social media and in 2013-2014 published videos of people being executed, for warning or rapture depending on the viewer. We remember the videos well: A man is beheaded while a kneeling bystander awaits the same fate if the United States does not give in to the organization's demands.

The desert plain with stones: The burial place where Ibrahim is buried (though not necessarily his grave). And later, probably also Bastian himself, as it was IS's burial ground. . .

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Iril Kolle
Freelance journalist, translator and graphic designer.

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