Vammel serving of Lama

This book was written after a conference on power and care in Brussels in January 2018, where the Dalai Lama, among many others, was a participant.

The book was my first written encounter with His Holiness, and it did not add flavor. What is it? First and foremost, the exaggerated belief that a Buddhist monk is so infinitely wiser than the rest of us. What he is really doing is letting go of ignorant generalities and flatness. This obviously just depends on it whose who talks, not on what that is said. Of course, if you and I had said the same thing, it would not have had the same effect.

He has no clue

Denne boken er delvis en intervjubok, og Dalai Lama understreker hele tiden at han ikke har kunnskaper nok om det han uttaler seg om, men intervjuerne tror ham ikke. . . .

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