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Did Lem go to the league?


Steinar Lem's embrace of the EU's defense policy (in Ny Tid, among other things 26.8 and 16.9, editor's note) has obviously paralyzed the no-league, which responds with rhetorical reflexes in the columns here in Ny Tid. The provocation by a key figure in the radical environmental movement daring to swear in church and say yes to the EU on an environmental policy basis has led to a veritable onslaught against Lem. It does not help that his criticism is based on a recognition that it is time for new solutions to have a more environmentally friendly Norway. The no-side defends itself by saying that there has been no political majority for their solutions in this country. Why there should be a good argument against participating in an arena where such a political majority exists, is for me a mystery.

I guess that both Tine Larsen and Gullbjørg Røisli have had No to the EU's argumentation booklet in front of them when they wrote. . .

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