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Sounds like a lap dance

Strippulula has become a hip-hop club. Why do rappers have dilla on stripping?


[nachspiel] At the hip-hop club Rå there is a nachspiel after the American rapper The Games sold out Oslo concert. Still, there is little resemblance to colorful music videos full of half-naked ladies and brisk rappers with dollar piles in their fists. The bass throbs pleasantly in the walls, and everyone dances with the seat and style they may have. Some have stiff upper lips, some have short skirts, and everything is just like at any village party or nightclub. Maybe apart from the proportion of huge bubble jackets, and some of the songs that The Games' own DJ sends out into the room, as in the boss's own "Let's Ride":

"Got the whole world in the club / Hop in the low-rider, long as you got bitches in the back / I turn it into a strip-club / Call it a lap-dance, when the '64 bounce that ass."

At the bar, DJs Jacob and Johnny from The Jaywalkers hang with semitrailers in hand and a view of the dance floor.

- It will probably take 30 years before hip hop takes over the strip clubs in Norway, they think.

- DJ Nuhhh tried to play on Blaze last year, but it apparently worked. . .

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