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Vacancy is the root of all art

The primordial power is found in amateur orchestras, rhymers and trivial brilliance, Asger Jorn said. A colorful explosive is finally available in Norwegian.


Asger Jorn:
The extreme phenomenology of aesthetics
Pax publishing company, 2017


What is aesthetics? It has been a while since the term was synonymous with the doctrine of beauty, as rhetoric has long since lost its status as a guide in eloquence. Aesthetics is a somewhat loose discipline within academia – because although there are good textbooks and anthologies, the aesthetics are in many ways exposed. Analytical philosophy destroys it (like everything else), it is swallowed up quickly by commercial or institutional interests, it does not find its place of liberty anywhere, although, like many other humanities, it receives some attention as a kind of entertainment moment. On the other hand, there is no doubt that aesthetics such as discipline, subject offerings and reflection rooms provide a rare opportunity to discuss interdisciplinary, existential, radical and creative issues. One who knew how to grasp the many possibilities of the aesthetic concept and to take it inward was the Danish multi-artist Asger Jorn (1914 – 1973).

Scam art and trivialities. In step with the growing interest in Asger Jorn as a visual artist, in Europe as well as in the USA and exemplified by last year's exhibition "The Open Hide" in New York and "Jorn + Munch" in Oslo recently, interest in him is also increasing. . .

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