150 years after Lenin's birth

It has been said – even by AJP Taylor – that Europe's history, and by far the world's history in the first half of our century, can be written as three major biographies: Churchills, Hitlers and Lenins.

Churchill's political career spans the entire half-century, from 1900, when he became a Member of Parliament for the first time, to 1955, when he finally resigned as prime minister. Hitler made a distinctive mark on Germany in the 20s, on Europe in the 30s and the world in the 40s. Against these lifestyles differ Lenin clear out. The time available to him to lead the revolution and to destroy the Soviet state lasted from April 1917 to November 1922, when he was struck for the second time. 5 small years of dense history, and they were not even prepared in the society they were about to change, but through 20 years of country volatility.

Emigrant in almost his entire adult life

In 1897, as a 27-year-old Marxist and recent jurist, Lenin was banished to Siberia for revolution. . .

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