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Letter from a trans man to the old sexual regime

A reaction to the alleged "Puritanism" of the MeToo movement.

Ladies and gentlemen, and the others.

In the midst of the mutual accusations of sexual harassment policy, I like to take the floor as the smuggler between the two worlds, "men" and "women". These are two worlds that did not have to exist, but which some make every effort to keep apart by a kind of gender Berlin wall. And I do it to bring you tidings about it objet trouvà © or rather sewed horse lost during transport of the contraband goods. *

Here I am not talking as a man who may belong to the ruling class, that is, as those who are assigned a boy gender at birth and then raised as members of the ruling class, that is, as those who are given a right or perhaps rather required to exercise masculine sovereignty (and here we have the key to an interesting analysis). Nor do I speak as a woman, since I have deliberately and intentionally given up such a political and social embodiment. I express myself here as a trans person. Therefore, I do not in any way claim to represent any collective. . .

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Precadio is an author, philosopher, curator focusing on identity, gender, pornography, architecture and sexuality. Residing in Barcelona.

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