Libidinous ecology

Peak Libido
Author: Dominic Pettman
Publisher: Polity, United Kingdom

CRISIS Is nature in its essence erotic? And has capitalism - which will make us desire more of everything - overused our very capacity for desire?

As the third volume in a trilogy on intimacy and ecology, Dominic Pettman's Peak Libido is an attempt to deal with the ecological crisis in a bodily and sensory way. The search for health and balance in the semi-civilized human animal's relationship to itself and its surroundings. This is part of a long story that Pettman points out began long before Freud, but which revolves around his notion of our unruly libido, which must be tamed and controlled - albeit doomed to remain a frustration, a repressed and unfortunate savagery - the discomfort of the culture.

If ecological crises stem from a predation on a nature we have not bothered to understand, it is possible that this reflects another crisis in dealing with ourselves and each other: At the end of the book, Pettman summarizes the diagnosis just like that, with a pronounced reference to a certain climate denier in the White House: “We have lost touch with the world, and as a result we have become grasping, groping monsters. »

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Anders Dunk
Philosopher. Permanent literary critic in MODERN TIMES. Translator.

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