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Equal pay without equal pay

The Icelandic Parliament had to close this week when the women went home. The woman rebellion is back.



At 14.08 now on Monday the Icelandic women went home.

Then they would have worked for their wages – if they had been men. Iceland stopped. Parliament, banks, insurance companies, hotels, – yes the whole society stopped for a few hours, when the Icelandic women went on strike to protest against the great wage inequalities between women and men.

30 years after the first "women's day off", the Icelandic women again marked that they are not happy with being paid less, just because they are women.

In central Reykjavik, around 50.000 protesters gathered – both women and men. The demonstration is described as the largest in Iceland's history. Among those who went on strike was the president of the Nordic Council, Rannveig Guðmundsdóttir. The almost 1000 participants at the Nordic Council meeting in Reykjavik were also affected by the strike.

Iceland has gained a reputation for having many talented women who have put the women's issue. . .

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