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Small mosquitoes shake large apparatus

While Brazil is gearing up for this summer's Rio de Janeiro Olympics, the country's poor in particular are characterized by fears of a disease with little knowledge. "If all the Olympics had been used differently, there might have been less mosquitoes here today," says pregnant Marcelle.



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"Everyone has had zika fever – Adriana, the girl next door who lives right above us, my cousin. I'm afraid. Not so much for my own part, but because of the baby I have in my stomach, "says Marcelle da Costa Vasconcelos to Ny Tid. At the turn of the month April-May, she is expecting her fourth child, a little girl named Luisa.
"I lubricate myself with mosquito repellent all the time, sleep under mosquito nets with the kids and try to wear light clothing because they say it attracts less mosquitoes," she says.
Marcelle lives in the Parque Proletario de Bancários on the island of Ilha do Governador in the Gulf of Guanabara. When Rio de Janeiro was awarded the Summer Olympics in 2009, local authorities promised that 80 percent of the water in the heavily polluted bay would be treated, and that the municipalities around the bay could expect major improvements in water. . .

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