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Literary cat pains

We meet cats who are put in the freezer, drowned or chewed to death in Norwegian picture books. Are they the scariest in the world?

[picture books] – Outside Norway, Norwegian picture books are seen as dark and lingering – and just as much for 30-year-olds as for children, says the new children's book editor at Samlaget, Ragnfrid Trohaug.

On the desk of Ny Tid is a pile of new and old picture books. In one, the cat drowns. In the other, a cat is almost bitten to pieces by the dog Tombo. And in a third, Fy cats, the cat first eats up little brother's birthday cake. Then Selma gets angry: «Selma is so angry that she hardly knows what she is doing. She opens the freezer, pushes Katja. . .

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