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Life without thinking

World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech
Forfatter: Franklin Foer
Forlag: Penguin Press (Storbritannia/USA)
BIG TECH / Author Franklin Foer gives a historical overview of Big Tech's impact on society and asks how we can fight its pervasive power.


90's exploration of the internet was an important part of my teens – I found meaning and friendship through my slow modem connection. The image of a life with landlines and face-to-face interaction obviously matters to me, but in 2018 I mainly consider it a nostalgic simplification. What we have won and what we have lost through technological development is a balance that is not easy to determine, but more important to explore.

doomsday Feeling

These days, everyone's eyes are on Silicon Valley: Issues such as data security, monitoring, and the way information is filtered and communicated to us offer contentious and worrying issues. However, I cannot stand the sentencing mood that the discussion of technology often brings, especially when it is held up against an assumed better and past life that is now lost.

It was with such thoughts in mind that I went to hear Franklin Foer talk about his new book, World Without Mind: The Existential Threat of Big Tech. SThe county and Foere's book did not awaken the feeling of an imminent doom, but made me reflect. At the same time, it underlined the need to make a choice again who i want to be in this world of information and change.

"Every effort is made to make man predictable."
Franklin Foer


The first part of the book takes us on a journey from the past to the present, through the history of how the internet and the big technology companies
- as . . .

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Bianca-Olivia Nita
Nita is a freelance journalist and critic for Ny Tid.

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