All that I am
Regissør: Tone Grøttjord-Glenne
(Norge )

ABUSE / With considerable impact, the documentary lifts All that I am presented the story to one of the children in the Norwegian abuse statistics.

Last year, the National Knowledge Center published on vold and traumatic stress a report on youth experiences of violence and abuse in adolescence, based on a questionnaire answered by 9244 students aged 12 to 16 years. Here, a total of 6 percent – and 8 percent of girls – reported having experienced some form of sexual abuse from an adult at least once in their childhood. 4 percent of those surveyed had experienced this during the past year. The report further states that "only 1 in 5 of youth victims of violence and abuse say that they have been in contact with the emergency services in connection with experiences of violence and / or abuse ».

Trauma and insecurity

cinema documentary All that I am tells about Emilie, who was exposed sexual abuse from stepfather from she was 6 until she was 12 years old. She then notified of the incidents herself, and was given a new place of residence through the child welfare service. In the film, we meet her as an 18-year-old, as she is about to move back to. . .

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