All Inclusive
Regissør: Corina Schwingruber Ilić

LOTS OF TOURISM / : This map documentary depicts the life of an "all inclusive" cruise ship and is a humorous and poignant commentary on the mass consumption of our time.

All Inclusive is in a sense a small one Short Film: a ten-minute short observational study of mass tourism aboard a so-called all-inclusive cruise ship, without dialogue. Director Corina Schwingruber Ilic and photographer Nikola Ilic captures the existence of the boat in more or less static tabs, with sound consisting of the music played in the various situations, or the hum of the holiday hordes.

The experience of the floating hotel is the point, not the destination of the journey.

The film shows the tourists as they sunbathe on the deck, provide themselves with buffets, spectate on spectacular shows, and dance at the disco. Of course, there are also entertainment options for the children, and gender stereotypically, a sequence shows all the young boys dressed up as captain, while we see the girls in princess costumes. In one of the few scenes that does not include tightly packed groups of people, we witness a couple being portrayed by the boat's photographer in a Titanic-like setting – presumably more inspired by the romantic side of James Cameron's film than by the historical ship's encounter with the iceberg.


Flocked holiday life

All Inclusive is a humorous and slightly absurd depiction of a form of mass tourism where the experience of the floating hotel is the point, not the destination of the journey. At the same time, the film is an apt commentary on the mass consumption and entertainment of our time, with the flocking holiday life as a compressed image of the rest of society our. Everyone should be able to take part in the luxury – although it can very well steer towards the iceberg, on a more metaphorical level.

The film has been screened at a number of festivals, including the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival (IDFA), the Venice Film Festival and the Short Film Festival. . .

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