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Luxury and decadence in Beirut

Beirut, La Vie and Rose
Regissør: Eric Motjer og Albert Arcarons
( Danmark, Spania)

ELITE: Eric Motjer's new film portrays four people belonging to Lebanon's Christian elite.
It's a fascinating glimpse into a lifestyle you may not have known existed.

About 40 percent of Lebanon's population is Christian. Apparently many, but the number is shrinking, like the privileged society of the rich people Beirut, La Vie and Rose constitute. They pass on their wealth from one generation to the next, and deal with the unstable conditions of the region by attaching and scouting for economic opportunities in the ever-changing circumstances. In their world, money can be made when disasters strike, and one can party to lighten the mood. It is an attitude that seems eccentric – if not outrageous – and is reserved for the few who can afford to live in safety, both from injury and from the need to secure themselves daily. . .

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Bianca-Olivia Nita
Nita is a freelance journalist and critic for Ny Tid.

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