Lykkeberg – "a democratic socialist"

Rune Lykkeberg, editor-in-chief of the Danish daily newspaper Information, participated with his family in the US presidential election and reported back home from the battle, but could not immediately find an explanation. After the presidential election, he had to go into the box and reconsider the situation. Now he has provided an almost 500 pages explanation in the book West to West.


The book has been created in a kind of dialogue with Lykkeberg's cohabiting partner and their two children – where literature, music and films that have had an impact on the two generations have been used as a contribution to establishing a comprehensive picture of the economic, political and cultural trends of the time. . This framework of the book is fascinating and inspiring and integrates many new angles to illuminate the evolution of our time.

"Political opportunities and instruments have never been greater," Lykkeberg writes now after recovering from the shock caused by the election of Trump. Opportunities that Lykkeberg and his generation did not have are the global public – a democratic culture that can hold the powers of responsibility, technological opportunities to disseminate knowledge and information.

Terrorism succeeded in causing Western societies to harm themselves.

Lykkeberg's grip on the project means that the period from World War II is divided into three: the "Golden Age" (1945 – 75), the “Reaction” (1975 – 2001), and then the “Crisis” until today.

The end of World War II, when large parts of the world lay in ruins, was the beginning of what Lykkeberg describes. . .

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