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Must answer

The Discrimination Ombud requires an explanation of the Language Council's definition of a "Norwegian".


[language] The Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombudsman (LDO) has quickly taken action and hastily written a letter to the Language Council in which they formulate a number of questions. The background is that Ny Tid in the previous issue wrote about the Language Council's equality of the terms «Norwegian» and «ethnic Norwegian». The Language Council has received strong criticism for the statement that a Pakistani can never become a Norwegian, even if the person obtains Norwegian citizenship.

- We are stunned by the Language Council's behavior in this case, and want an answer. The debate that has flared up is important and useful. Who are we for? This is a question of how we think about inclusion and community, says department head Arnfinn Andersen to Ny Tid.

In the letter, the LDO asks, among other things: "On what basis do you become a Norwegian today in light of the fact that this nation has historically been shaped by people who were not born in the country?" LDO also asks the Language Council if people with a European background will be more easily perceived as Norwegian – and the letter ends with the following question: "Is it not time for a more open approach to how the term Norwegian is defined today in light of the fact that we live in a multicultural society ? ». Andersen in LDO will not elaborate on the criticism of the Language Council any further until they have received a response from the Language Council.

Several media outlets operate with separate lists for which words. . .

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