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The Mafia under the magnifying glass

Do we find the roots of the Sicilian mafia in medieval Spanish occupation or among English sailors' lemon eating in the 1800th century? Two new books are looking for answers.

It is early in the morning, May 9, 1978. Police in the Sicilian city of Cinisi are notified by some railway workers that the railroad is damaged. They find that a charge of dynamite has blown away about 50 centimeters of the railroad tracks and the badly decorated body of 30-year-old left-wing activist Giuseppe "Peppino" Impastato. The clothes and the body are spread over a radius of 300 meters, and only the legs, parts of the face and a few fingers are recognizable.

A left fanatic's suicide

Police quickly conclude that the death was a terrorist suicide attack. Despite the fact that Cinisi was a notorious mafia stronghold and Peppino had fought openly for years. . .

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