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The iron grip of power on the population

SILENT FORCE – a Marxist study of the economic power of capitalism
Forfatter: Søren Mau
Forlag: Klim forlag (Danmark)
CAPITALISM / The economic sphere, just like the political sphere, is a set of social relations within the domination system – something the author Søren Mau addresses.


The scientist and philosopher Albert Einstein is among many other things remembered for the quote: «We can not solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them». The quote can be use-oriented transformed into a question: can we solve the problems we face within the same institutions that formed the framework and the pillars of society when we created the problems?

What is it about a "monster" that characterizes the DNA of capitalism?

That question became a guiding star when I read Søren Maus' book Silent compulsion – we are under «dumb compulsion», dreamy and consciously asleep in the surrounding organized society: We must move away from global warming, it will of course mean a change of course based on a new way of thinking. But what is it about a "monster" that characterizes the DNA of capitalism that the world community must bring to life? Should capitalism be tamed, adjusted and regulated, or can its inherent dynamics of perpetual expansion not be possible? And so what?

The economic power

COP26 in Glasgow tried to find a conclusion to stop global warming. As with pandemics, so too with global warming – it's about life on the planet. The economy is global, but the world community stands without «a body» or a body that globally matches a global economy with global decision-making power. Will it then be possible to continue – in the interest of future generations – to hold on to hopes for a climate solution within the COP system?

In Denmark has Silent compulsion contributed to a renewed interest in Marxism or rather to an immersion in capitalismns. . .

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Niels Johan Juhl-Nielsen
Juhl-Nielsen resides in Copenhagen.

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