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Good news: January



Large companies are investing in hostile companies

The Norwegian Pension Fund is referenced in the New York Times 16-17. December, when it considers withdrawing from fossil-based companies. This writes the founder off, environmental protection advocate Bill McKibben, commented in the newspaper that several well-known large companies and investors are withdrawing from companies that do not protect the environment. Here McKibben mentions, among other things, the World Bank, which has stated that by the end of 2019, it should have stopped all financial support for oil and gas extraction companies: "With an Arctic melting and a California burning, investment in such businesses is dangerous and unjustifiable use of money. ”Activists' long-standing efforts to be listened to by heavy financial institutions are now starting to yield results. McKibben mentions, among other things, the group Mazaska Talks (, which has run major consumer campaigns to get banks to realize their responsibilities. This awareness has spread to local politics in the United States. Earlier in December, New York's public lawyer Letita James demanded that the city's pension fund withdraw from its fossil fuel investments before further climate damage occurs.

Environmental smart at Vinmonopolet

We consumers have become far more conscious of choosing organic when shopping at the wine monopoly. Now we also more often find wine in environmental packaging on the shelves. The wine monopoly must be the country's leading professional retail chain on the environment, we read on their website. Here it is also informed that all bottles that are launched in the first half of 2018, and which cost under 150, will be on environmentally smart packaging. In a video, environmental adviser Rolf Erling Eriksen explains in the chain what other measures are being taken; It is not, for example, that wine in tanks transported from Australia to Norway necessarily impacts the environment more than wine on glass bottles from Italy, here the mode of transport is crucial.

Michael Kors chooses fur-free in 2018

The American luxury brand is the last of many to now accept the consequences of consumers and animal welfare activists saying no to fur. We are promised that we will not find new products where fur is used in any international store that exclusively carries the fashion brand, nor in the Jimmy Choo brand, which the company bought in 2017. In a statement reproduced in, says the company's chairman and CEO, John D. Idol, that this decision marks a new chapter in the company's commitment to innovative use of materials. And designer Michael Kors himself is also positive, he believes that with the technological developments in design there are opportunities to create luxurious and aesthetic design even without using fur from animals. The first result we will see on the catwalk in February.

Butterfly with 46 chromosomes

A hitherto unknown type of butterfly, southern Russian blue (Polyommatus australorossicus) has been discovered, could tell at the end of last year. It was found in the mountains of the Caucasus, southern Russia as early as 1997, but then it was taken to belong to another blue variety, Azerbaijani blue (Polyommatus aserbeidschanus). Prolonged observation and investigations have shown that this is hitherto unknown. Southern Russian blue has 46 chromosomes, as many as humans, while butterflies otherwise have 68.

Kaisa Ytterhaug
Kaisa Ytterhaug
Ytterhaug is a freelancer in Ny Tid.

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