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Marking against the Syrian war

Norway will send 60 troops to Jordan to train Syrian rebel groups to fight ISIS. The government also opens the way for the Norwegian soldiers to "provide operational support from Syrian territory". A unified peace movement is now mobilizing for a protest march outside the Storting on Thursday 19. May.


Ny Tid asks the Peace Council's leader Hedda Langemyr what is wrong with the government's decision and what they expect from the peace celebration: "The international law basis for intervention is thin, and the decision is made without a hint of lessons from previous intervention in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya." Langemyr answers in the Norwegian Peace Council.

What makes the Peace Council think the international law is thin?

Heddal"In Syria, we have basically gone out in support of an armed opposition to a regime with which we still had diplomatic ties," Langemyr answers. "It was in itself problematic under international law, but the decision to train militias is worse. The government has not been precise about who we are going to train, and this is an area where different alliances. . .

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