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The death of mass culture

Do you think we just buy hit singles, watch Hollywood movies and read Dan Brown? Error. Narrow is becoming increasingly profitable.


[cultural consumption] – Everyone wants the same thing.

Christer Falck sighed so the heart became heavy and empty when Dagbladet wanted to know why in May he chose to step down C + C Records, the heartbeat that releases records with Karen Jo Fields, Sofian and Tungtvann. The trend seems clear: Idealists put the music on the shelf, while the media and the audience romp in Idol and other night flies. Or?

- When you operate on such a small scale as us, the changes in the music industry do not have much to say. It is difficult to make a living from music today, but it was also difficult before. The industry complains too much, says Jørgen Skjulstad, alias the electronics artist Center of the Universe and founder of the record company Metronomicon Audio.

- In relation to a music industry in crisis, we may be the cockroaches that survive a nuclear war, adds colleague Marius Ergo.

Ny Tid is visiting Metronopolis, the rehearsal room, studio and office The Metronomicon gang has built in a studio on Grünerløkka. . .

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