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Masterful biography of André Bjerke

André Bjerke: In the joy of the fight
Forfatter: Peter Normann Waage
Forlag: Aschehoug (Norge)
The polemic who goes crazy, but who never fails verbally, the competitor and the energetic poet. And above all, a golden humor shines.

Finally, the great biography of André Bjerke is out! It is an event many people will enjoy. Bjerke has a secure place as an outstanding cultural communicator and cultural creator in the Norwegian post-war period, and in Waage's biography he is very much able to speak for himself. That's a good grip: Bjerke kept a diary throughout much of his life. The book is steeped in great respect and love for Bjerk's art and personality. His poems and renditions are well known to most, but how many have read his essayism, his criticism of Newtonian optics or his introduction to Goethe's color theory? Also this side of Bjerkes production allows his cinema to get to know us.

De. . .

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Henning Næss
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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