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With the willing and servile oil country Norway in tow

ARMAMENT / That the rest of the world, apart from the West, does not stand on the side of Norway, the USA and NATO when it comes to Ukraine today, is not surprising when we know the centuries of looting and colonial times, followed by imperialist wars and Western-backed coups. It is still "war and weapons that create peace" that is the narrative. Stop the race to a possible world war!


Sometimes I wonder how we ended up where we are now.

But I can take a normal Monday, like today. I can type in,,, – and I get the same. It is so absolutely similar, yes, the presentation of the Ukrainian war is so similar that when you read it, you cannot think that it was not written by exactly the same person.

And what does this man say, the one who is supposed to represent us all? What should speak to our reason, our intellect, or to our emotions?

It is clear speech. It is not the least bit vague and cautious. There are no points to be lost. In any case, not points that should be repeated, repeated and repeated, into what becomes a Western mantra.

The narrative: There is still war and weapons that create peace. And peace is a foreign word. There are daily, repeated close-ups of Putin's face, preferably unappealing pictures, a little too big and a little too close-up in facial expressions, yes, he is not sick, both physically and mentally, we have to think, supported by suspicious and demonizing headlines.

And these Russians, then, just in general, they are suspicious, whether they are tourists, students, researchers at a Norwegian university, diplomats or refugees. They are all potential spies, and we would prefer not to have them in our hotels, universities or out in the Norwegian countryside where they can find themselves taking pictures, which have probably been ordered by the Russian intelligence.

And we are gluttonous…

The neighborhood

But it is not just that we should distrust, laugh at or despise and be willing to invest our many billions of Norwegian kroner in a military fight against what in politically-correct-NATO-Norwegian should be perceived as the fascists in the Kremlin, and against that Russian people. It is also about a long-term perspective, a separation, a final end to a neighborhood, yes, 143 million people, with whom we have now completely broken up.

Because Serbian human lives are not the same as Ukrainian human lives.

Is there anyone who utters the slightest hint that this neighborhoodit is a physical reality, and that there can be good reasons to have good, if not even friendly, relations with what is and will be a neighbor forever, yes, then we must quickly stop these voices, because they can spread. They must expect to be contacted by former or current colleagues, mates, family and friends and to be intimidated, hung out, bullied, yes, sometimes we also have to physically remove these people from their position.

Welcome to Norway year 2023.


Are you one of these? Putin- the friends, you?

Are you one of these who want to speak, or just whisper quietly, so quietly, but still too loudly, that Norway, as a member of NATO have also committed their own war crimes and violations of international law. Did you mention Yugoslavia 1999, the carpet bombing carried out by NATO's, and yes, also Norway's, bombers, which left 80 percent of Serbia in darkness? The lights went out, the electricity went out, and the population at the time got no help from the western press. No sympathy to be traced from VGs,
Dagbladet's, NRK's ​​or Aftenposten's editorial offices with the millions of Serbs who were affected.

Men Russia did not send anti-aircraft fire to the Serbs. No one on the left shouted out that we should send anti-aircraft fire, so that Serbia could defend itself against NATO's rain of bombs. No Norwegian or Western media launched a campaign to come to the aid of the Serbs. No, on the contrary. What they got, as they deserved, were visas that were sung at the time, on all channels. For Serbian human lives are not the same as Ukrainian human lives. Protecting human lives only has value when they can be fronted as part of a story, where we, Norway, NATO and the West can be included as heroes. When we assume the role of the villain, as criminals of international law, there is no Norwegian or Western media there to tell the story.

war crimes

But now? Now then Russia do the same in Ukraine?

For weeks and months we have been fed front pages talking about Putin's brutality and his war crimes. But not with corresponding front pages about the many heads of state who made up NATO at the time and who today are faceless. Nobody remembers them, but they are the same war criminals.

Because it is Putin we shall judge. To mention our own head of stateI am war criminalhuh? No, it's just a distraction. Not that anyone necessarily denies that the war crimes took place in 1999, but there is no one there to press charges, no politicians who deal with such things here in Norway. We must deal with the present. Without comparison otherwise.

There may be a point in that. But then we must first recognize that no other country outside the West will listen to us. If we don't come up with any explanation whatsoever for that our heads of state, who on behalf of our country, our little Norway, as part of, yes, much like a small state in the USA, but just as fully independent nation, have committed both war crimes and violations of international law. Not even. But repeatedly. We have participated in many of them USAs wars after the collapse of the Soviet Union.


At the time when there was no longer any rationale for maintaining the Cold War organization NATO, it was quickly given other tasks. They diverted attention away from the arms race with the Soviet Union and turned NATO into one attack alliance, yes, a pure terrorist organisation, which fought around to secure the US and the West's hegemonic position in the world.

When NATO was formed, half of the 12 founding nations were still colonial powers: France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States and Portugal. At the time, this accounted for 6 of the 7 remaining colonial powers in the world. One of these colonial powers, which was among the founders of NATO, was still fascist, namely Portugal. And that without it preventing Norway from wanting to join NATO. Nor did it prevent the countries that were colonial powers, or the country that was both a colonial country and fascist, from being included in this so-called defense pact.

This colonial aspect of NATO has also clearly bubbled to the surface again and again.

This colonial aspect of NATO has also clearly bubbled to the surface again and again throughout the alliance's history, and with renewed vigor after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Securing control over strategically important natural resources and transport routes for these is of such great importance that entire country populations can easily be bombed or occupied in order to maintain or acquire control.

The Libyan war is one of these, where Gaddafi was clear that he wanted away from the dollar as a trade review, and instead would introduce a pan-African monetary unit, which could free the African continent from the tyrannical Western, post-colonial but continuing imperialist petrodollar grip.

In addition, was libya stint of oil, yes, by far Africa's largest reservoir and potential for future oil extraction, with Africa's largest oil deposits.

So how many more reasons does the US need to drive ahead, with the willing and servile the oil country Norway in tow, into a war that today has a broken country and a totally divided people as a result, including IS as a deadly domestic political force, but which has also functioned as a cocoon where IS fighters have been bred, received training and have now spread beyond the African continent.

But who cares about a further analysis of this war where Norway, as part of NATO, has part of the responsibility?

Who cares that the current Secretary General Stoltenberg in NATO, on the Norwegian side, is primarily responsible for this flagrant violation of both international law and war crimes, documented by the UN itself, at the UN Human Rights Council, which set up a commission which issued its report on 2 March 2012 Report of the International Commission of Inquiry on Libya, where it is demonstrated that civilian targets were bombed by NATO, and that war crimes were committed by their allies on the ground. (See study page 6.)

Proxy War and Global Consequences

Norway has perhaps the most dutiful, US-servile press in the world. Here, the Ukraine war is for all it's worth hammered home as a defensive war. A war of liberation. A Russian war of aggression. But to call this war one proxy war, as Ukraine's defense minister has already explained to us that it is, by stating: “We are fighting NATO's war. We give blood, and they give us weapons", that is to mention the unmentionable in Norway. There is a limit to what one can say. It is not It is interesting for the Norwegian press that Ukraine's defense minister says outright that the Ukrainian soldiers are fighting the physical battles for NATO, while the NATO countries (for the time being) do not have to send their young men home in coffins.

And it is only when this happens, and people still try to avoid it, that we can say with Fiona Hill, adviser to three American presidents: world Warone is already here, with global consequences.

That this war already has global consequences, and have had for quite some time now, we see in galloping food and fuel prices, which hit the world's poorest hardest.

Therefore, we neither can nor will we achieve any sympathy for our Westerners sanctionis against Russia or against another armsdelivery to the country. That the rest of the world, apart from the West, does not stand on the side of Norway, the USA and NATO is also not surprising when we know the centuries of plunder and colonialism, followed by imperialist wars, Western-backed coups and other intricate hostilities like our part of the world have practiced in these tormented countries. These countries, which if they had managed to cooperate, which they increasingly do, would have survived very well without us.

The upper class role in the world

But we depend on this one exploitationoh, we have done us dependent on this exploitation, as part of our way of life, and it is the battle for this upper class role in the world that we are now fighting here in the West. This role, which an ongoing or upcoming world war is going to revolve around.

The poor countries look instead to the West's rival: China.

And there is little indication that this time we will be able to gather enough support for our supremacy. And not least: the poor countries look rather to the West's rival, China, as the protector against us, against our western long fingers, and our wars to gain control of their resources. It is becoming increasingly easier, with modern technology, to reach each other, to talk together, and the only thing that the West is then left with as an upper hand is the USA's huge war machinery, to which Norway and NATO are subject.

But then it is also the case that if we look at the very deadliest weapons, nuclear weapons, then the US and Russia possess about exactly the same number, around 6000 each. With these, each of the countries can wipe out the earth several times, so it is not a tiny little Russian Rolled which takes place between Biden and Putin, this here. It is a Russian roulette where Biden, as the actual army commander for NATO, has driven us all together, yes, the entire world's total population into the potential battlefield. And this is therefore already a global matter.

No country, and no country's population, can therefore ignore the fact that the war between the USA and Russia could end with none of us being here anymore.

These deadly cynics

And therefore there is a special responsibility that rests on us, we who are against NATO, we who want to slow this down from our side. We must make an effort now. We must get together and slow down, slow down, yes, do everything to influence our own authorities and our own country's population to realize the seriousness. We adults in this country must be adults now and realize that in this war, this time, in a new world war, it is not just about hundreds of thousands or millions dead in a meat grinder on a battlefield. It is our collective responsibility to stop these life-threatening cynics of some military and irresponsible state leaders and politicians, who can drive us all into the grave.


Revised speech given by Marielle Leerand,
now chairman of the board of the organization that founded the party FOR, (Fred and Justice).

Marielle Leranand
Marielle Leraand
Leader in Fred and Justice (FOR), regular commentator in MODERN TIMES, and former deputy leader in Rødt.

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