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With the people as the client

Permanent Record (System Error)
Forfatter: Edward Snowden
Forlag: Macmillan (USA)
SNOWDEN / A spy, traitor or patriot? The answer depends on who you ask.

Imagine that someone has access to a search engine where all of your personal data about you and yours is as accessible as when you use Google: phone calls, private photos, intimate videos, embarrassing emails, small and big secrets you want for yourself . XKEYSCORE it's called the "search engine" and the US National Security Agency (NSA) uses it to snoop on our private affairs. All it takes is a unique identification: such as your private email address. NSA has also shared the technology with other countries' intelligence agencies, including Australia, Japan and Germany. That we know at all that such data collection is possible, we can thank the announcer Edward Snowden.

The United States sued Snowden

Same day as Permanent Record came to the bookstore, US authorities went to court, Snowden has said on Twitter. "The publication violates the confidentiality agreement" – which means that the authorities must read and approve such books. This lawsuit is also intended to prevent Snowden from making money in the book sale: "We do not want individuals to enrich themselves at the expense of the United States without complying with their publishing obligations," a statement from the US Department of Justice said.

Permanent Record (System Error is the name of the book in Norway) opens with «I used to work for the government,. . .

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