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With Hillary, we know what we're getting – and it's not very appealing

Hillary Clinton is part of Obama's legacy. It can be problematic for her in the face of a neocritical American population that can no longer be seduced by big words and great wordings.

The primary election in the United States is nearing the end. Slowly but surely, Hillary Clinton has been driven over to the left by Bernie Sanders. Tar sand extraction, the environment, distribution policy, health care, tax policy, minimum wage, student finances, fight against crime, Wall Street dominance – point by point, Hillary Clinton has had to soften her hard stances and approach Sander's human and social profile. This prompted CNN's reporter to ask her if it was something she would not admit to being elected.

But one day in April 2016, Hillary had finally broken Sanders' winning streak in the primary and gained a psychological respite. For weeks, Sanders, backed by the "Black Lives Matter" movement, had been pushing Clinton for the criminal policies of the Clinton years that hit the blacks unfairly hard. With apparent mandate takeover, Hillary changed. . .

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John Y. Jones
Cand. Philol, freelance journalist affiliated with MODERN TIMES

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