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Medication with off-taste

Åse Dragland
Dragland is the author of the book Medication with distaste, recently published on Flux.
MEDICATION: In this article, author Åse Dragland criticizes widespread medication. There is no evidence that long-term treatment with Ritalin or antipsychotics is good. Many mentally ill people experience themselves as zombies without thoughts, feelings, taste and smell.

The medication of vulnerable groups has increased dangerously. From 2010 to 2018, consumption increased by ADHD medications by 88 percent. And the elderly who live at home can be on more than 15 prescription drugs in the course of a year.

In nursing homes, it turns out that one in three nurses distributes sedative and anti-anxiety pills every month due to lack of time. This emerged in a survey conducted by the journal Sykepleien. . .

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