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Between the nursery and the court

Norway, our Norway – A country's biography
Forfatter: Kaj Skagen
Forlag: Dreyers forlag 
Although cultural radicals are allowed to review Kaj Skagen's assessment of "the Norwegian", much of the thinking in the book comes from one of its foremost representatives, namely Jens Bjørneboe. 

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

"A human should not be from everywhere. A man must be away from home, ”Knut Hamsun wrote. Kaj Skagen is not quite as assertive in his idea-historical essay, when he tries to find out where we Norwegians come from. Instead, he is concerned with nation formation, and asks in his latest book: How and when did the concept of "the Norwegian" originate? How did Norwegians get their identity? And why has it become so problematic to be Norwegian?

Skagen's valuable evaluation consists of finding the political and cultural streams of ideas that have helped shape the Norwegian nation from the beginning of the 1800 century to the present. The role of cultural radicals in Norwegian cultural life is to be reviewed, and Skagen instead points to the Christian conservative tradition as a source of inspiration in Norwegian culture.

Collective memory loss. In his evaluation of the Norwegian identity, Skagen begins with the 1800th century: “Perhaps such a study should have included Norse and Catholic. . .

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