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Between sleepy daily life and acute refugee crisis

If you go to the Short Film Festival in Grimstad in June, you can see the Berlin-winning refugee documentary Fire at Sea long before it is set up in cinema. But also the Norwegian documentary program has a lot of exciting to offer.


Fire at Sea / Ocean is burning
Director and photographer: Gianfranco Rosi

The short film festival in Grimstad is not only a festival for short films, but also for documentaries – long as well as short. In addition to the fact that some shorter documentaries appear among the short film programs, the festival also presents a competition program for Norwegian and international full documentaries.

At times, the Norwegian program has been characterized by the fact that many of the films have already been shown on television or cinema. And this is possibly difficult to avoid, if you want to get the best. Nonetheless, this year the festival boasts a sprawling Norwegian documentary program with several titles the festival audience has not had so many other chances to see.

clnyaeg2Hybrids and shape exploration. Among these is Camilla Figenschou's fascinating hybrid film Car and bow, who, with his searching and sensual film language, depicts an existing horse therapy farm in Northern Norway, where the most central character is embodied by an actor. But also Jørn Utkilens Statement Too, which is a form-exploring and self-reflexive portrait of the Trondean cult musician Arvid Sletta, is a film that will not necessarily settle within the fairly well-defined framework for documentaries in cinema and television.

Also heavily established names such as Margreth Olin and Aslaug Holm are represented on the program with respectively The man from Snåsa og The squatters (directed by Holm and Olaug...

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