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Meaningless work

Pseudo-work – how did we get busy doing nothing
WORK / Why are some "incompetent" employees deliberately set to do meaningless tasks? And are all the leaders as important as their high salaries suggest?

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

Bore-out is a new diagnosis. It affects people who have too little to do at work. The Danes Dennis Nørmark and Anders Fogh Jensen together found out that this was something they had to explore. They discovered that in recent years there have been several books about meaningless work. They interviewed several of the authors, and after their book was published in Danish, they came in contact with many people who felt that they had too little to do at work and / or that what they were doing was meaningless. The results of the survey have now been published in Norwegian with the title Pseudo-work – how did we get busy doing nothing.

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