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For every African footballer who is tackling a future in Europe, many entire teams are thrown away. The sale and purchase of football players is a legal form of human trafficking. For every African boy who is tackling a future in Europe, there are plenty of boys that the clubs wreck.

[player hunt] – I will become a football player when I grow up, says the barefoot boy.

He tricks with a small ball on the brown, trampled course in Jamestown in Accra. The boys' gang in the Ghanaian capital play football all day long. Some are wearing the Ghana national team kit, while others are wearing the Chelsea kit. They all have a dream of becoming one of the stars of the Ghanaian national team – of coming to Europe and of supporting their families. It is in this part of Accra that several of the stars on the national team who impressed during the World Cup in Germany were born and raised.

A few months later: Another gang of African boys has embarked on the long journey many of the boys on the dirt track in Accra dream of. The team for the football academy Diambars from Senegal meets Kurland Coop at Ekebergsletta. . .

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