Man is like the flower

These weeks, another chapter of the endless Terminator film saga rolls over the cinema screen. And once again, we're dealing with a notion of cyborgs that reminds us of humans – but who are simply superior to us in terms of strength, speed, and survivability.

But what if we dropped these cyborg clichés and instead imagined a creature that is not at all anthropomorphic. A creature that may have the form of a droplet, a sphere, or a microorganism. This being will observe us and think about us in the same way that we observe and think about a flower.

The big step has already been taken

These are the kind of thoughts James Lovelock makes in the book Novac The book is something as rare as a deeply visionary work. The title refers to the age that Lovelock believes we are on the threshold of, yes, may have just entered. Before the Novacean age, we had the Anthropocene age, a time characterized by man's ability to influence the planet. . .

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