More than sun and heat

More than sun and heat is the title of Ann Elisabeth L. Cardozo's doctoral dissertation (UiS, 2018). Here she explores why Norwegians have chosen to settle on the Costa Blanca, and how Norwegian migrants in Alicante have maintained transnational networks through 50 years, ie: how they have maintained contact and closeness to Norway and Norwegian friends while establishing new ones friendship, habits and knowledge in Spain.

While in the 1960 and 1970 century, they were allowed to move to Spain when retirement age occurred, it became possible for most retirees to migrate in the 1980 and 1990 centuries. Norwegian pensions were high and the cost of food and housing in Spain was low. Also, it was easier to move when so many Norwegians lived there before.

The climate was attractive, as was the cost level. Several older Norwegians in Alicante also meant an increased need for various services: It was nice to have your hair cut by someone you could talk to in your own mother tongue, or to be cared for. . .

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