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More money for fighter jets and overseas missions

This year's defense budget represents an increase in spending of 9,8 percent compared to 2015. But does the increase in budget contribute to strengthening defense capacity when almost everything goes to the purchase of new fighter aircraft?


A total of 8,6 billions of the defense budget for 2016 goes towards the purchase of new F-35 fighter aircraft and the construction of a new airbase in Ørlandet. The expenses will cover the ordering of 22 fighter aircraft that has already been approved by the Storting, and another six aircraft with scheduled delivery in 2020. Both the Socialist Left Party and the Green Party Environment voted against the new acquisition in the Storting.

The total defense budget is NOK 49,1 billion – an increase of 4,3 billion since last year. At the same time, the Home Guard's budget is reduced by 11,8 million, the Army's by 24,8 million and the Coast Guard's by 5,4 million.

Norwegian soldiers abroad. Expenditure on Norwegian forces abroad, on the other hand, increases to 704 million – an increase of 124 million from the 2015 budget. The most important reason is a strengthening of Norway's participation in the UN operation. . .

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