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DONALD TRUMPS: "Deal of the Century" could, in the worst case, end up being a trigger for the original potential for conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

The Middle East peace plan unveiled at the end of January this year at a White House press conference in Washington by President <br><br>Donald Trump and the recently re-elected Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, but without the participation of representatives of the Palestinian camp, seems to be able to become a political trump card in the midst of a crisis for both top politicians.

The Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas has previously rejected the peace treaty, calling it "the final phase of the Balfour Declaration", the British government document from 1917, which for the first time publicly pleaded for the establishment of a Jewish state. This is a characteristic that may not be entirely wrong, as the words "Jewish State" are mentioned for the first time since 1947 in the 181-page plan, which also consists of an economic vision for the area.

Perhaps that is precisely the reason why Israel's recently re-elected Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, sees the plan as the fulfillment of Israel's dream. In the 72nd year of Israel's creation, Netanyahu – and Israel – are at a crucial turning point. Following the Israeli election to the Knesset in March this year, the third in a year, the Israeli Prime Minister is in the situation that his right-wing bloc in the Knesset does not have a majority – two seats are missing. . . .

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